Author Update

In the past months since I’ve updated this blog, there have been several interesting developments:

  1. I sold a piece of flash fiction to Mothership Zeta. This is my first official sale and I am thrilled beyond words. I will be appearing in a future issue.
  2. Work is gradually evolving into a bloodless game of offices and unfortunately that is taking a lot of my energy, and I haven’t actually written much of anything except for that piece of Flash Fiction picked up by Mothership Zeta around three months ago. This has made me very sad, so I’m attempting to be stronger at forming boundaries. Work is to pay the bills, not my way of life.
  3. My next project is to participate in this Star Trek fan fiction contest. I’ve always wanted to write novelizations of my favorite TV shows/movies (specifically Star Wars, but Star Trek too I’m a fan of both) so I think this would be an exciting opportunity for me.

I was unable to participate in NaNoWriMo this year–but congrats to everyone who did. Maybe next year!

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