It’s That Time of Year Again

Where I remember I have this thing. It helped getting a bill on my card reminding me this thing exists.

I have missed blogging.

I’m writing more than I usually do, but not the volume that I have been aiming for. I’m still trying to finish Eat Your Green but it’s super late from the date I was envisioning when I commissioned that lovely image to the right of your screen.

Recently, I’ve broadened my horizons to include a little reality tv. I started with some baking shows, and moved onto Queer Eye, and I ended up seeing a lot of myself in the contestants.

It was timely. The bottom of the water heater rusted out, and it wasn’t replaced correctly, causing a second flood. Due to the type of floor we had, it required the entirety of it to be replaced.

Which required the base boards to be removed.

The landlady knew we had been wanting to paint the house — the walls were a beige reminiscent of cat vomit– so she said that now would be a perfect time because we would only need to tape the top part of the room instead of the bottom part.

I was not aware how expensive paint was.

The floor is a grey white tile with a wood like finish. The beige wouldn’t have looked good anyway.

My roommate and I are switching rooms, and she wants to turn the two kid bedrooms that were mine into one room, so there’s also an incomplete doorway smashed through one of my walls.

But because we were doing so much with the floors, the landlady said screw it–time to get the counters done that she has been talking about doing since we moved in almost two years ago.

She decided to cut it herself, and it was short. The sink also doesn’t fit. So I haven’t had a kitchen sink for over a day, with a possibility of it getting fixed on Monday.

Things have been hard. They have been stressful. I’ve felt myself stuck in rut after rut. And I know that outside Stuff can’t really help–it does have to be intrinsically motivated–but outside stuff can provide some additional tools.

It was kind of already in progress, but I’m deciding to package the disaster that has been going on at home as a slow motion Make Over, Queer Eye style.

Design: Already in progress. I’ve actually taken inspiration from Bobby, and am looking at ways to make my space more functional. I am playing with the ideas of painting my walls a dark green, because he said on one of the episodes that the artificial lighting works better on dark colors because the light isn’t reflected in all directions. but I really do want to get things that are more me, with more storage and organization. I picked up a dishware set that I really like, and I’m looking forward to removing stuff that I don’t use frequently.

Fashion: I’ve been embarrassed by what I’m calling my stomach splooge (worse after gaining weight back from Keto that I had to stop due to health issues), but I’m realizing that doesn’t have to stop me. I’ll be experimenting with the French tuck, and actually have what I think will be a good outfit for my errands tomorrow (grey pants, grey shirt, suspenders, and for that pop of color, pink converse). I may even try rolling the cuffs on my tee. All tricks from Tan!

Culture: Last week I signed up for a boxing club. My plan was to go Tues/Thurs/Saturday/Sunday, but I missed it Thursday, and Saturday, and tomorrow I’m going to mow the lawn. I was busy painting cabinets and moving stuff from room that needs to be tiled to a space that has already been tiled, and one of the things I tend to do is overwork myself. So, I reset my goal: TuesThurs classes until the house is done. I also want to get serious bout learning how to sew. I also started going to a live music night at a coffee place…except for today because of the cabinets. Sometimes I think I may sign up to read a flash fiction, but I’d like to practice my articulation better before I would feel ready for that. I think that would satisfy Karamo?

Food: Until my access to stove and sink was so restricted, I actually didn’t realize how much I had improved in cooking my own food. I had actually expanded to cooking for breakfast in addition to dinner. Needless to say, this has been really hard on me and my attempts to lose weight. I am literally planning on buying frozen food for the majority of this week because I don’t know when I’ll be able to easily cook again. I literally don’t have a sink to rinse dirty dishes before I put them in dishwasher.

Grooming: I already know  that Jonathan would be so disappointed. I want to start putting moose in my hair in the morning after my shower and combing it in. I think you’re supposed to blow dry after you do that? But I am working on getting a hair dryer that I would be more likely to use. I also want to take better care of my skin–I want to get face lotion, a nice sunscreen, and make sure to start maintaining my undercut once a week. I know I need to take better care of my nails, so…that will be step two since I struggle with that. I am planning on treating myself to a mani pedi when this is all over but I don’t know when that will be and I don’t want to pull a Classic Me–which is, procrastinate on taking care of myself.

I’m excited about some changes I’ve made–the boxing club and the desire to sew and the design stuff happened before I started watching Queer Eye, but everything else was inspired by watching the show.

One of the episodes was about a comedian, and Karamo was talking about branding and made that site for him. I guess that also brought to mind this site, and the fact I’m going true blown necromancer on this thing and officially raising it from the dead.

It’s actually weird thinking about that. I had already considered really pulling my online presence away. I feel I’ve been too open before, and I don’t think that vulnerability is bad, but I feel putting it all out there on the internet is not always wise.

But, I feel that there is a large community of writers online, so I hesitate to fully withdraw when I feel like I’m ready to join that community.

We’ll see where this goes!

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