This Thing’s On?

It’s slightly hysterical reviewing my old posts.

Half of them are titled with sentiments similar to this one: I have a blog that I forgot about.



I’m still going to try to kick this thing back in gear again. I know the reason I’m not updating it is because I don’t know what I want “it” to be. But that will never happen if I don’t post.

What’s up with Sonja Natasha? We’ll bullet since that’s my preferred way to keep a word count trim.

  • Finished two novel length works in the last half of 2020. Very proud of that. Have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to editing something of that word length. Makes it very difficult to keep up steam but I remind myself that fumbling through it will be better than not doing it at all.
  • Read the Locked Tomb Trilogy (or what’s released of it). Do yourself a favor and read it too.
  • Actually did a far better job at keeping up on my reading than I thought, but Locked Tomb is still my favorite.
  • Will not be delving too much into Pandemic Effects. I’m very grateful for how lucky I am to be able to work from home.

What’s up in 2021 for me?

  • Editing these two books and prepping them for submission!
  • I have one little novella/long short story on Amazon KDP, but Amazon and I are currently not on speaking terms. Need to decide what to do with this story other than taking it off Amazon. It could also use an edit since I’m matured a lot as a writer since I put that up for sale.
  • I have another novella out on submission
  • I don’t have a strong speaking voice (though it has improved being in a leadership position at my day job). I dislike doing things “for my own good” without an immediate tangible result. Spoiler alert — podcast!
  • And by podcast, I mean, I’ll be recording my serial fantasy flash fiction pieces which I will most definitely be writing on some sort of platform which is almost decided but not yet quite.
  • Reading program (more on that later)

And that’s not even counting all the real life stuff lined up for me, which usually includes doing well at my job, attempting to improve my self (long for get a therapist, sonja), and improving my physical health (resolving insomnia and fatigue issues).

How’s your 2021 shaping up to be?

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