A few years ago, I would “practice” writing by doing speed writes based on a random three word link.

They were the equivalent of doing scales on the piano, though unlike doing scales, they are far more pleasant to consume, featuring snippets of interesting characters and/or concepts. I won’t post every single one I do–especially if I think I can turn it into something more — but I would rather they exist to be enjoyed than collecting digital dust.

I do believe that writing doesn’t always have to be about plot, characters, and structure. I know people enjoy reading these short little pictures, but it’s very difficult to be have them published. Though I write primarily for my own enjoyment, I also write to make someone’s day brighter.

I’ve launched a Buy Me A Coffee (BMAC) page to store these little snippets — they used to be here, but I didn’t like wordpress for this particular endeavor. This is my author page, and though it may sound odd to separate my flash fiction and other endeavors from my author page, it feels more right to me. BMAC is a platform meant to support creators, and I don’t get that vibe from wordpress (which is fine! time and place for every platform).

Heretofore, a lot of my writing has been self funded. I’m lucky to be in a position to do that, but I also want to see if my writing can be something more. I’m happy to try both the self published route and the traditional path.

If you’d like to read my short fiction you can find them here:

I did put a little button on my side column as well in case I write a particularly post that struck you.

Thanks for reading!

(feature image by by Micaela Brody)

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