As part of my healing journey and/or practice, I am trying to celebrate things more often. The focus is to create more good memories.

Though I don’t have the energy to celebrate Halloween (this October has been a month, ya’ll), I did take a moment to celebrate one of the novels I finished (back in 2020 oops) and my birthday.

I’ve been getting tattoos celebrating finished writing projects for a while now, but I’m trying to get them in a more timely fashion. Unfortunately, the novel is not editing because editing my own novels scares me, even though I’ve done editing work on Upwork and honestly have a pretty high rating there.

My second celebration was my birthday. My grandma died the week before my birthday, so I didn’t pick up the cake featured until I was back from the funeral in October. And then I wondered, is there anything stopping me from celebrating my birthday on Halloween? So I’m going to try that next year.

What moments are you trying to celebrate?

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