This summer has been a doozy. Heat waves, incredible drought.

It’s also the summer I’m on anti anxiety and anti depressants and let me tell you: wow.

After work, I would be so exhausted I would simply collapse in bed and nap for a few hours. That still sometimes happens, but generally I feel I have more energy, and I’m less likely to turn to tv binging or food to self medicate instead.

I’m excited about writing, including attempting to launch a freelance career as an editor. I don’t know if it will work out but the key word is try-try-try.

As such, I’m thinking about pursuing a hybrid career and have been watching a lot of the Courtney Project on youtube. My first two novels I think would do better via traditional publishing, but there’s some weird stuff I’d like to write that I think would be better served self-publishing.

I’m very excited to see where my writing career goes. I feel sky’s the limit, and I don’t feel that way very often. The fact I do feel that way is remarkable considering how many rejections I’ve received, but hey. Rejections are part of being a writer.

2 thoughts on “June-July

  1. Great to hear that the meds are working for you. Also, yes, we writers are very good acquaintances with rejection, and that shouldn’t be a reason why we don’t do something. Thanks for this post!


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